Remove House Movement - With a Fixed Price Slab

Residential Builders can finally reduce one of the largest variables in their constructions costs - site works.

On sites with a soil classification of "H1" and above, a PolyVoid designed suspended slab-on-ground can offer you a fixed slab cost, regardless of the nature of the foundations. In fact, the higher the site classification, the more economically appealing it becomes.

The benefits of a PolyVoid designed slab for the Builder are:

- One type of slab design for all site classifications

- Certainty of cost for slab component of the build

- Reduced complexity for estimating, engineering design and installation

- Fixed finished slab costs can be determined from the site Geotechnical report

- Effects of abnormal moisture conditions will be reduced, compared to a slab directly on the ground

- Reduced damage to the slab where there is removal or planting of trees

- Cracking significantly reduced or even eliminated where the Polyvoid design, construction and compliance processes are followed

- Site supervision and management of other trades can be reduced

- Engineering designs can be refined through the use of a better system

- No longer a need to 'over engineer' in order to reduce risk as typical with traditional systems

Builder Considerations:

- Changes to the Australian Standard AS2870 for Residential Slabs & Footings has occurred- These changes will affect the classification of building sites in a more conservative manner- The 'new' classifications will see more sites being classified in a manner which will add considerable costs to the typical industry design practices for slabs-on-ground, site earthworks, supervision and management

Concretor Considerations:

- The installation method of a PolyVoid designed slab is quicker and simpler than a traditional waffle slab
- As there are no internal beams to spaced out, the voids are pushed together to create a 'deck' to support the membrane, reinforcing and concrete, much like a suspended slab. Easy to use edge beam voids do not need to be cut to size, they simply snap along a perforation to the right width.

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