The Solution for Soil Heave


Finally there is a cost effective solution for designing concrete slabs on difficult sites.

SuperSlab Technologies Pty Ltd is a research and development company that has designed a fully suspended, residential concrete slab placed on-ground that provides unprecedented slab strength for sites susceptible to soil settlement and heave.

The key feature of this slab design is the use and application of the PolyVoid. This is a compressible polystyrene void former that will 'take up' the heaved soil within the underside of the slab without placing upward pressure on the footing system itself.

By using a PolyVoid, a fully suspended slab-on-ground (i.e. fully piered using steel, concrete or timber piles) can be designed, allowing a consistent slab thickness to be applied in every application, regardless of the site class. This in turn provides the builder, and homeowner, more cost certainty when it comes to site costs.

PolyVoid believes that this could provide engineering and consultancy firms with a selling 'point of difference' as the housing industry continues to become more and more competitive. More than anything however, this system reduces risk and exposure to the engineer when dealing with difficult sites.

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PolyVoid Presentations & Seminar Sponsorship

Given the importance of understanding this product, its capabilities and the context around its development, PolyVoid is more than willing to conduct a presentation to your team. Simply call or email us to request this and we'll contact you regarding times and locations in order to bring you up to speed.

Similarly, PolyVoid is committed to obtaining further exposure within the engineering fraternity and therefore we are enlisting ourselves to sponsor and present at various industry body events and functions (eg. The Footings & Foundations Society).

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