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These days, most new houses are built on a concrete slab. In general, this is a very safe, strong and affordable way to support the main structure of your largest asset.

Concrete slab movement can however be the cause of significant house movement if it is not engineered and installed correctly. This movement can lead to the cracking of your brickwork, soffits, pasterboard and other finishes, and potentially cause significant plumbing failures.

Slabs generally move if they are not supported properly or engineered to withstand pressures from the foundations.

A "suspended concrete slab" is where the slab is effectively independent of the ground, whilst being fully supported by piers. This piers hold up the slab in the event that the foundations shrink or subside. This is known to engineers as 'settlement'. Settlement can be caused by a number of factors such as drought, trees and lawns planted near the slab, and erosion.

Until now, there has not been an adequate and cost effective solution for the opposite phenomenon which is known as 'heave'. Heave occurs when soils develop abnormal moisture content and swell as the clay particles take on water.

Soil moisture content increases can be caused by a number of elements such as:

- Higher than average rainfall

- Plumbing leaks from your own house, water mains or neighbouring properties

- Heavy watering of lawns or gardens, as carried out by the homeowner or resident

- Poorly compacted site fill (new housing estates these days contain very high levels of compacted fill)

It is safe to say that the integrity and aesthetics of your largest asset could be compromised if the footings of your structure are not adequately designed for the foundations of which you are building on.

The PolyVoid has been designed to take the pressure off the underside of the slab by "compressing" under heave caused by ground swelling.

The unique, patented design of the PolyVoid significantly reduces the potential of slab failure and subsequent damage to the primary structure.

Building with a PolyVoid designed concrete slab offers you, the homeowner, peace of mind in knowing that you are built on a solid footing that will withstand the forever changing elements around it.

Cracking can be significantly reduced or even eliminated, even on the most highly reactive sites, where the Polyvoid design, construction and compliance processes are followed.

Polyvoid recommend the home owner follow the advice of the Geotechnical Engineer for their site and the "Foundation Maintenance and Footing Performance: A Homeowner's Guide" published by the CSIRO

Before you sign your contract, demand a PolyVoid designed slab for your new home.

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