PolyVoid for the Industry

Features & Benefits of a PolyVoid designed Slab

  • A PolyVoid designed residential house slab significantly reduces the risk of slab failure, which is peace of mind for the builder, and of course the homeowner

  • A PolyVoid designed slab is a single design regardless of the site classification and therefore the costs are fixed. The builder no longer has to worry about cost blowouts due to heavily engineered slabs, and site unpredictability

  • PolyVoids are made by the same manufacturers of the waffle pod and therefore there is little change to current practices, and all trade and service level arrangements can remain unchanged

  • One slab design for concrete and reinforcing for H1 building classes and above

  • The slab will be fully suspended for residential ground slabs

  • The slab allows heave and shrinkage of the underlying soil without significant damage to your slab.

  • The fundamental weakness of the other designs of fully separating the slab from the ground has been solved

For the Builder:             The PolyVoid Choice

For the Engineer:           The PolyVoid Solution

For the Homeowner:       PolyVoid Peace of Mind