Soil Heave Protected Slabs

When you build using a PolyVoid designed concrete slab, you can enjoy the peace of mind of having the strongest possible concrete slab available on the Australian market. Furthermore, it is suitable for any soil type and application whereby concrete is an affordable method of construction.

Concrete slabs can move with the ever changing conditions of your soil, and in particular, its moisture content. A PolyVoid designed concrete slab will be unaffected by a site's environmental characteristics such as soil settlement and heave.

Your slab will be able to avoid potential damage from drainage issues, either from within your property or those caused by neighbouring developments. You can also be comfortable that any homeowner works carried out can be done without risking the structural integrity of the house's footing system. These may include the planting of trees and gardens close to the slab, watering systems, swimming pools and other alterations and additions.  

The diagram below is a basic representation of how the PolyVoid works by compressing under the upwards forces that occur beneath the slab.

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